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Monday, January 23, 2017

Day 20

Sorry its been a long time since my last post. This blog is suppose to be my buddy for the program, but its been easy. Sure it sucks when people are drinking and I am not. People are eating dessert and I can't. But its a compromise. I've eaten like shit for 32 years. No more.

I've decided to extend the diet and try to make it more of a lifestyle. I will maybe try to do it for an year. I will allow myself some cheats though. I don't want to look like a freak. I cant go on a date and be like. You eat dessert and I'll watch you.

I am enjoying cooking more. It also pleases me knowing exactly what goes into my food.

My skin is clearer. I have more energy. Pounds are shedding. I'm looking younger.

Political side note:

I hate Trump. But he is our president. But I'm in the mortgage business and he messed with my business on the first hour on his job. He suspended the FHA premium cut. Basically, he is going to make it more expensive for a homeowner if they do not have the full 20% of down payment. Man of the people....hahahahahaha. Fucking Trump. What an Asshole!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day 14

I can't believe its been two weeks. I honestly feel really good. I feel like I have more energy. I actually played basketball the other day. I felt pretty great. The bad thing is I'm already planning on what I will do after I am done this. I feel like 30 days isn't enough. I probably need to make a lifestyle change.

My clothes are getting baggier. I feel great. I cant wait for the next couple of weeks to pass by.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


I went to work out yesterday and ran/walked. I'm starting to notice a difference in my face. I see some fat come off. I also look a little younger at least to me.

After working out I decided to pick up some groceries and cook. I used a slow cooker chili recipe. I ate it this morning and I got to say its not bad. I'm thinking about using chicken or turkey instead of beef next time. I might cook some salmon over the weekend. I might make a meal for me and my grandmom.

I had to go to panera with my small group. It took me a while cause I need to special order everything. No cheese no chicken no bacon do you have olive oil. Shit, but I did it.

But tomorrow is DAY 10!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Day 7-8

BAM!!!! One week Suckers!!!!

Its been a tempting time, but I'm finally at the point where I don't eat as much. I try to snack on almonds and different things through out the day, but I feel good. I ate chipotle yesterday. I had to order it the special way. Most of the time I have to order things special ways.

I am also feeling more energy. I think today is going to be the first day I will incorporate cardio and weights.

Already, I am fitting better in my clothes. I have also went down a belt loop.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Day 3-6

Man It has been a challenge. I was feeling really bloated on day 3. I read that it was normal. Still not a great feeling.

The weekend happened and guess what.....I didnt fail. Kudos to me. I even brought a meal to church. This is my life now. I went to a couple of bars and ordered tea or just water. Its really not fun. People next to me were drinking scotch or hot coco and I was like this tea is delicious.

Sunday a relatively new girl came to our lunch. I told people why I brought my lunch. I mentioned no alcohol and everyone gave me the same reaction like HOLY SHIT!!!! The girl was like oh your that type of guy. I guess I am who I am. I did feel like I had more energy yesterday. But I am also an extrovert. More people are around the more energetic I get.

Today, I packed my lunch. Hard boiled eggs. Yummm. Not really. It sucked. But I have to keep doing it. only 24 more days to go. Stay strong Dan Park. Stay Strong.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day 2

Day 1.5- 2 of my Whole 30/Nob Nom

Last night was difficult. I went to a political fundraiser. It was a wine and cheese party :( . Thankfully, there was some fruit I could munch on. But it was very tempting to have some wine or cheese. Especially a beer. I hate being the guy drinking water while everyone is drinking alcohol. 

I needed to eat afterwards. We decided to go to cakes and ale. The absolutely two things I can not can not eat. But we ate at the dinner part of the restaurant. I was able to eat the steak and had to kind of special order it. 

This morning I tried to find eggs, but didn't have any. So I ate a steak again. I may have to go easy on the red meat as well.

Lunch kumbucha and paleo beef from whole foods. Its getting expensive. I need to cook tonight. 

I have small group tonight. I will have to try to get dinner somewhere thats healthy. Damn this is my life now. 

But I am feeling the energy drain right now. I'm feeling sluggish.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Day 1

First day of Whole 30 Let's Go!!!!!

Waking up I was about to eat this soup this morning and decided against. No soy. Not allowed. I picked up three eggs and fried them. Then I realized the way I have to live my life. Mindfully.....

My job I have to network a lot. I go to networking meeting and talk to people. I went to my weekly meeting and it was at this restaurant. I read all of the ingredients and I chose the side salad with olive oil on the side. All of the entree salads were not going to cut it. They either had cheese or the meats were glazed with something. They gave me some biscuit. I had before and it is divine. I chose not to eat it. I offered to the guys next to me and they declined. So, I stared at the biscuit for about 20 minutes. It kept calling out to me. "Hey Dan, just a tiny little bit....." I decided against it.

An hour later, I got a black coffee. I like it that way so no sacrifice there. I went to whole foods to get some lunch. I went to the hot bar and they have a paleo section. Paleo wings, roasted veggies and a sweet potato salad. MMMM so good. I ended up spending $11. Too much for lunch everyday. I will have to cook tonight.

I am going to a fundraiser later tonight. I will have to abstain from everything. The real challenge begins. I will let you know how it went.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Whole 30

Its a new year....New Me right. Not really. Most of the time, I list a bunch of shit. Then, I feel bad about myself for not doing the goal I set out for. I've been listening to a lot of podcasts this year. Tim Ferris, the creator of the 4 hour work week, said that we should make little goals.

He had a suggestion for a thing called NOB NOM. NO Booze and NO Masturbation for a month. Let's do it. I don't think I indulge in any of those activities daily. So for a bigger challenge, I will combine it with the Whole 30 diet program. My boss has done it and lost a ton of weight. So its eating a certain way for 30 days. Just 30 days. Can't do today cause I would have already failed. So tomorrow... The site also said I should have a partner. I'll write this blog. This will be my partner. I can laugh at myself after these 30 days. 

I've been fat for most of my life. I'm actually pretty confident. But it would be nice to wear some nice clothes. I also want to look out for my future health.....Here we go a month of discipline. A month of submission. A month of being miserable. As I finished this sentence, I forgot about all of the football games coming up. But you know what Fuck it. Imma just do it. 

I will keep you updated. February 4 see you soon. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016


2016 is here and I realize the weaknesses that I have to strengthen. I have to become more disciplined and more organized. Everyone who knows me knows that I am really unorganized. I think it has hindered me in many different areas in life. I know that this is a big weakness and I have to make a change.
Practical thing I will do to be more organized:
Buy white board and keep track of things
Buy calendar and stay on top of it
Have a cork board and flash cards to arrange goals and different things.

I also have to be more disciplined (eating, exercising, work, spiritually) . I guess that's for everyone.
Practical things I can do.
Get a team to keep me accountable and don't disagree with them. Let them tell me and LISTEN to whatever they say.
Have Goals and reevaluate them every quarter
Reduce my goals by half. This is important so I can feel good about myself. Lower expectations are good things at times.
Forgive myself if I mess up, I read this recently from a guy who lost 125 pounds last year. I will fuck up, but its important to be nice to myself. Encourage myself. Team Dan.

Things I hate recently

When people tell me "You're Welcome" when I didn't say thank you. They'll make a suggestion and then go you're welcome. What type of arrogant thing is that? You're welcome....For real.. How about maybe if I like your suggestion and I thank you for it, the you can say you're welcome. But before that, come on man.

I see you next year.....No Ill see you in a week. Ive heard this little quip or joke too many times. Please stop saying that. It makes you look stupid and corny. Its like the people that clap when someone drops plates. Really are you ten? If you want to give them a clap why don't you just go help them asshole.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I love you

" I love You"

Its a phrase said in my house a lot. My mom says it to me, my grandmom says it to me and I say it to them. I know in many Korean households, this phrase is never uttered. I guess its suppose to be understood. I think sometimes it is said too much in my family. I say it to cousins, distant relatives and friends. I even say it to my Dad and were not that close. I especially like to say it on the phone to end conversations.

I talk on the phone a lot for work. At times after the conversation is done with a client, I have the urge of saying "I love you" to them, especially after I talk to a family member.

One time after I finished a conversation with my mom, a client called for a quick question. I was about to hang up and the phrase comes out. I hang up quickly. It was like I saw every letter come out in slow motion. I was frantically trying to pick up each letter and put it back in my mouth.

I knew I couldn't end the conversation that way. I call the lady. She seemed very confused. I explained and all I heard was laughter. I couldn't help but laugh as well.

This ended up not being the only time.......